Olof, a black and gold German Shepherd

A Warm Welcome for Olof

There’s a new set of paws at The Lily Pond…and they’re big. Please welcome Olof! This handsome German Shepherd is approximately seven years old and has the sweetest personality. He loves people and is great with other dogs, which is surprising given his background. Olof was born to a backyard …

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Dutch Treat, at The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary

Welcome Dutch Treat!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Dutch Treat! Dutch is an Appendix (Thoroughbred-Quarter Horse) gelding. At 17 yeas old, he’s a gorgeous paint with a very sweet personality. Dutch was foaled in Pennsylvania in 2003 under the registered name of “Intentional Secret.” (Shown in the below photo). His …

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New kitten at The Lily Pond

Cute Kittens Everywhere

First There Were Four… It was the beginning of July, and unbeknownst to us, the beginning of kitten season at The Lily Pond. A neighboring farmer notified us that there were four tiny kittens hiding in a bale of hay in his barn. He had not seen their mother in …

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A Warm Welcome to Charlotte

We have a lovely new lady at the cat house – please join us in welcoming Charlotte to The Lily Pond! This pretty tabby is approximately two years old and was born to a feral cat colony. Jodie LoMeli from O.C. Safe Cats had been feeding the colony when she …

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The Happy Arrival of Happy!

It was a chilly day in January when a big bundle of warmth and joy danced into our lives. Happy is a 5-year-old Shih Tzu who is so ding-dang adorable that he leaves smiles and laughter in his wake wherever he goes. He was rescued from an abusive home by …

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Otis cat

A Special Needs Cat Finds a Special Home

The leaves were just starting to turn color when we received a call from Free To Be Me Rescue (www.freetobemerescue.org) regarding a cat in need of a home. Otis had previously been adopted through their organization to a very loving home. Sadly, his owner was diagnosed with cancer at the …

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Mr. Ed horse The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary and Gardens

Welcome Home Mister Ed

It was a sunny day in November when a group of friends gathered to welcome home Mister Ed to The Lily Pond….finally! As many of you know, we adopted this senior quarter horse last May when his previous owner could no longer support his care. At the time, we did …

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Waverly the horse at The Lily Pond

She’s a Beauty

In March of this year, off-the-track Thoroughbred Waverly arrived at the sanctuary looking scruffy, thin, muddy, and covered with a viral infection (rain rot) across her back. She’s a 10-year-old mare, so it didn’t take long to get her weight up. We even worried that she might be getting a …

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Merlin the cat at The Lily Pond

Merlin Moves In

We’re pleased to announce another set of whiskers at the cat house. Merlin is an affable, 18-year-old tuxedo who arrived at the sanctuary in July. He was rescued from a bad situation in a garage as a kitten and cared for by a local woman who provided a cat house …

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The Arrival of Apache

If you happen to visit the sanctuary and see an adorable tri-colored pony wearing boots, be sure to say hello to Apache, the newest member of the herd! Apache is a 27-year old Paint gelding owned for many years by a local woman involved in animal welfare. She had rescued …

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Mister Ed the horse arrives at The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary

A Home for Mister Ed

It was a special day in May for a chestnut quarter horse named Mister Ed! He was the beloved horse of a local family who could no longer afford to keep him or address his health issues with heaves, a respiratory condition similar to asthma that makes it difficult to …

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Elsa the dog, leashed and standing up

Welcome Home, Elsa!

We are thrilled to introduce Elsa, the newest member of The Lily Pond family! Dolly was lonely without her partner in crime, Zaffa. So we set about looking for a dog in need of a loving home who would get along with our young and rambunctious Treeing Walker Coonhound. We …

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April and Sammir at The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary

The Lily Pond Opens Barn Doors to Horses

We’re overjoyed to welcome two very special horses to the sanctuary! April is a 28-year old Palomino Quarter Horse and Sammir is a 25-year old Arabian Bay gelding. They’re a senior bonded pair who arrived November 3rd from Labrador Hill in New Jersey. It was late August when we received …

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Dolly the dog standing in her new home

Hello Dolly… Well, Hello Dolly!

We’re delighted to welcome Dolly, a young and mischievous Treeing Walker Coonhound. She had been left outside and largely neglected by her previous owner. A concerned person stepped in and offered to adopt her, only to find that Dolly didn’t get along well with her other dog. We agreed to …

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