Invasion of Kittens

For those who’ve ever been invaded by kittens, you will know that this typically occurs in the spring. We folks in animal rescue actually refer to the season following winter as “Kitten Season.” This year the invaders planned a surprise attack, arriving in the cold months at year end. We are pleased to introduce four new tiny felines at the sanctuary!

WINSTON is a green-eyed tuxedo with the floofiest tail on the planet… maybe the universe. We’re thinking of contacting the Guinness Book of World Records, which surely must have a category for maximum fluff. Let us know if you have their number. Winn was an orphaned kitten from a nearby farm suffering from a respiratory infection. We scooped him up and got him to the vet for treatment. During his transition in the cat tower, he would purr happily when pet. Once he was out roaming the cat house he went feral again, scampering away, floof flying in the breeze at our hapless attempts to make contact. We go into cuteness overload at the sight of him and can’t help but want to cuddle this gorgeous guy. Work in progress. But we do know the way to his heart… a handful of treats, of course.

FINNEGAN is an itty bitty grey and white kitten rescued from the same farm as Winston. His growth was stunted due to malnourishment during the first few months of his life, so he will remain of diminutive stature. But his personality is grand and gregarious! He has an advanced degree in cuddle technology, draping himself over a shoulder and nuzzling close with a jet engine purr. His preference is to be snuggled in the arms of a person at all possible times and will demand to be picked up with a looping soundtrack of plaintive meows until he gets his way. He always gets his way. Upon reflection, all of our cats get their way. We simply live to serve their capricious whims. We are rewarded when affectionate kitties like Finn greet us with joy and jump into our arms for hugs and cuddles.

MILO is a sweet, shy tuxedo born to our neighbor’s cat Missy, and therefore spent the first few months of his life on and under the porch of our cat house with his brother Spence. They quickly learned from their mother how to demand a meal while avoiding any contact with us. It was a terrible respiratory infection that prompted us to capture the two kittens for vet treatment. Actually, we opened the door to the tack room and placed food on the floor. They walked right in. Initially, Milo was a hissy, scratchy ball of fury. But as he adjusted to life in the cat house, he became curious about all the cats who would jump in our lap for pets and cuddles. He would keenly eye the movement of our hands while petting others. And one day, he summoned the courage to let us scritch his back. Oh the joy! Now he joins us on the couch every night for cuddles. Success!

SPENCE is a grey tabby, son of Missy and brother to Milo. A talented hunter, he would bat around the toys we left out on the porch for his entertainment. Like Milo, he developed a terrible respiratory infection, bleeding from his nose. We were grateful when he and Milo waltzed through our tack room door so that we could get them treated. Spence adjusted well to life in the cat house, but remains elusive when attempts are made to pet him. However, he’s inclined to follow us around the house, hovering close but just out of reach. At cuddle time on the couch, he parks himself in nearby proximity and purrs contentedly. Not yet brave enough to participate in direct interaction, he nonetheless enjoys being in the company of humans. And guess what? He loves treats.