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WAMC 90.3 Radio Broadcast – July 2023

July 7, 2023 | WAMC Listen to Ralph Gardner’s touching commentary about his dog Wallie and the family’s experience at Sienna Sky and The Lily Pond Sanctuary. Listen to the story.

Winter 2023 Newsletter

The snows of fierce March weather have finally melted and signs of spring are appearing in bright sunshine daffodils beginning to bloom at the sanctuary. This winter was relatively mild by Northeast standards, with the exception of a few knock-out-the-power, snow-up-to-your-eyebrows storms. We survived the Great Arctic Freeze in February …

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headline on stacked papers "Good News"

We Made the News!

Reporter Lisa Green attended the homecoming celebration for Super Tuesday and Hogues Best Sunday at The Lily Pond Sanctuary. She wrote a wonderful article about their rescue! Read it here: Rural Intelligence Article

Bring On The Dancing Horses

Do you remember that 80’s hit single “Bring On The Dancing Horses” by Echo and the Bunnymen? The song is about people gazing at three stone statues of horses. Well, we are pleased to announce the arrival of three trotting horses to The Lily Pond! In the spring, The Standardbred …

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horse at The Lily Pond

Winter 2022 Newsletter

The calendar may have marked the official start of Spring, but Winter has not yet turned over the reins here in the Hudson Valley. Sunny spots of yellow daffodils and forsythia appeared, only to find their blossoms covered in snow within the week. It’s been a busy Winter season and …

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The Giving Tree

Barn Manager Brenda Izzo put up a Christmas tree in the tack room of our horse barn. We reached out on social media to ask for help in decorating it with donations toward the care and feeding of the animals. Look at the beautiful result of so much generosity! The …

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Autumn 2021 Newsletter

It’s the holiday season and normally the ground would be covered in a blanket of white and we would surely be whining about the frozen pipes and all the snow to be shoveled in order to get to the barn. But this year it’s all about rain. Lots of rain! …

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AmazonSmile. You shop. Amazon gives.

Support Us When You Shop

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon.com with the same products, prices, and shopping features. The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to The Lily Pond Sanctuary. It’s a great way to help all of …

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Winter 2021

The past four chilly months have brought lots of exciting developments at The Lily Pond… there are several new sets of hooves and paws around here that we are very pleased to introduce! A view from the window features snow falling steadily, blanketing the fields in white once again. The …

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Moon, a gray quarter horse gelding, and Zoom, a registered bay quarter horse mare

Two and a Half Horses and a Donkey

Life at the barn got really busy over the Winter with the arrival of two quarter horses, a mini pony and a mini donkey. This was cause for celebration by the humans and horses, and met with glee by our hay dealer who was instructed to double the monthly order. …

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Buttercup, a black cat that lives at The Lily Pond

The Quacking Cat and Other Funny Felines

While sitting in the waiting room at the veterinarian’s office, we recently overhead a gentleman comment that he much prefers dogs because cats are “aloof and have no personality.” “Whoa!” we thought. Clearly this man has never visited The Lily Pond. We’ve got so much personality happening at the cat …

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Autumn foliage at The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary

Autumn 2020

The colorful blooms of Summer transformed into the burnt orange leaves of Autumn, fluttering against a cobalt blue sky. The waterlily pond was an oasis of pink blossoms from June to October, where tiny frogs bounced among the pads and a miniature turtle scuttled along the bank. A large red …

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Life at the Horse Barn

An Interview with Barn Manager Brenda Izzo Brenda Izzo has been caring for the horses and cats at The Lily Pond since 2018. Sanctuary Founder Susan Bandy interviewed her about how she came to work with horses and what she’s learned from her connection with them. SB: Thank you for …

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Spring 2020 Newsletter

A mild winter slowly turned into spring and then decided to go out in spectacular style, covering all of our pink, purple, and yellow blooms with snow! In addition to being a home to our rescued companion animals, the The Lily Pond is where the wild things are. An abundance …

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A Boy Named Buttercup and His Bestie Sedley

The image that typically comes to mind when told of a cat named Buttercup is a sweet girl with fur the color of light fawn or ginger. That’s not our Buttercup. The newest member of The Lily Pond family is a charming fellow with jet black fur from head to …

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Dakota and The Bear

A year ago in May 2019, we were notified of two local horses in need. Health problems were making it difficult for the owner to properly care for them and they were planning to euthanize both horses. A visit to their paddock shocked us. The horses had only a rickety …

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Brodie’s Smile

Sweet, smiling Brodie is our senior Springer Spaniel who arrived with his friends Tig and Jeb in September 2018. A local family’s house had been struck by lightening and caught fire. All were safe but the family had to move out during construction to repair the damage. They left the …

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Meet Aidan… Waverly’s 4-Year Old Colt

We recently had the opportunity to connect with Dawn Robyn, Founder of Rosemary Farm, a horse sanctuary in South Kortright, New York (rosemaryfarm.org). Dawn saw one of our FaceBook posts on Waverly and replied that Rosemary Farm is currently caring for one of Waverly’s colts! His name is Aidan and …

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