Welcome Dutch Treat!

Dutch Treat, at The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Dutch Treat! Dutch is an Appendix (Thoroughbred-Quarter Horse) gelding. At 17 yeas old, he’s a gorgeous paint with a very sweet personality.

Dutch was foaled in Pennsylvania in 2003 under the registered name of “Intentional Secret.” (Shown in the below photo). His sire is Chief Wish You Would and his dam is Chocolate Reveille. Adopted at age two, he was re-named Dutch Treat and spent many happy years with his previous owner competing in Hunter and Dressage. Dutch excelled at equitation due to his exceptionally smooth gaits and they had fun with cross country as well.

And then disaster struck.

In 2018, Dutch contracted Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM), a debilitating disease that attacks the central nervous system causing irreversible damage if not caught in time. Dutch was lucky that his person was vigilant and worked with her veterinarian to begin the expensive treatment before the blood work results were even back. The disease struck Dutch hard – he could barely walk in a straight line, tottering and stumbling. But because his person began aggressive treatment early on, Dutch made an excellent recovery. Now, the only signs of the disease show up in his inability to maneuver hills or slight inclines. Otherwise, Dutch is steady on his feet.

Dutch Treat, before arriving at The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary

We were contacted by his owner this summer, who was seeking to do right by her beloved horse in re-homing him when the combination of financial stress due to COVID-19 and the fact that the other horses at his boarding facility had began bullying and pushing him around due to his unsteadiness from EPM. We agreed to take Dutch, as we are able to provide a grassy paddock away from any aggressive horses who might push Dutch around due to his lingering balance issues.

Dutch arrived on a bright sunny day in November and has settled in well. He is not an alpha horse, preferring to remain middle of the pack. Waverly and Sammir make it a point to say hello each morning when they ramble out of the barn into the paddock. Several of our caretakers also swear that our senior mare April has started a serious flirtation with this handsome fellow, much to Mister Ed’s chagrin. Dutch loves treats and his absolute favorite thing is to graze on green grass. We are so glad to welcome this senior horse who deserves gentle care and a happy retirement after his ordeal with EPM and years of serving his person so well. Welcome home Dutch!

Dutch Treat is in need of friends! Could you be the special sponsor for this special needs horse? Please consider a monthly donation in any amount to support his care. Sponsorship is tax deductible and sponsors receive updates and a gift!

Thank You!