Pitter Patter Paws

Thanks to the support of our wonderful donors, The Lily Pond family continues to grow. In addition to the arrival of the black beauty Binx, we welcomed three other former feral kitties to the sanctuary!

TYSON is a tabby with kind eyes that shine a gorgeous shade of green. At the age of fifteen, he’s content to watch the world go by from the top of his favorite cat tree. In fact, he requires that we bring his meal to him rather than descend from the lofty height of his throne to mingle with the plebeian crowds around the food bowls. If he feels that service is too slow, he will jump down, march into the kitchen to voice his concern, then scamper back to his tree to await delivery of his meal. Tyson struggled with stomatitis as a feral until he was rescued by a kind woman. All of his teeth were removed, which greatly improved his comfort and health. He also has a respiratory condition that we manage with steroids. Sweet of nature, he has an endearing habit of placing a paw on your arm to request cuddles.

MARLON is a gray and white kitty with fabulous whiskers. Upon arrival at the sanctuary, he was frightened and demonstrated an impressive talent for high-decibel hissing that is unrivaled in our experience. Fangs barred, he would shout his disapproval at the approach of any human. No petting here, thank you very much! But it didn’t take long for him to realize that he is safe, although he still harbors doubts about the vacuum cleaner. Now Marlon scampers happily around the cat house, curious about all goings-on. We discovered the key to his heart in the form of kitty treats. All the animals receive treats at bedtime and this family tradition meets with his full approval. At treat time, Marlon’s first on the scene.

SAVANNAH is a sweet, shy tabby. Her pretty name matches her lovely face. Her preference is to remain safely ensconced in a kitty condo. She is gentle and introverted, inclined to ponder the existential nature of life in quiet solitude rather than joining Toblerone for his mischievous antics or batting around catnip toys with the kittens. We’re still getting to know her but can report that she definitely prefers a meal of smooth pate to meaty shreds or bits. Savannah was part of a feral colony in Newburgh that frequented the yard of a local woman who fed them. Overwhelmed with the sheer number of cats in need, she asked for help. We suspect that Savannah once belonged to someone because she does not display any of the tough, reactive behavior of a true feral. Rather, she graciously welcomes gentle pets.