In Loving Memory: Abner

ABNER arrived at The Lily Pond after being abandoned by his family at a rest stop off the freeway in the cold snows of February 2017. A witness had seen them open the car door, toss him out and drive off. Abner stood there alone, bewildered and shivering in the snow. The woman scooped him up and took him home but she couldn’t keep him. She contacted several rescues and that’s how we won the jackpot. Abner was delivered into our arms and we knew we were in the presence of a very special, wise soul. With an otherworldly gaze and an open, trusting personality, Abner befriended every single cat and human with whom he came in contact.

Abner was the king of goofy expressions, turning them into an art form. People have been known to catch a glimpse of him making a face and collapse on the floor in a fit of giggles. From his wide-eyed gaze to his fang-filled smile, he was a master of physical comedy. It’s a wonder to us that we never received a call from a Hollywood studio.

Abner was fond of helping in the kitchen. Every time we dished out wet food for the kitties, he was up on the counter stepping in each of the bowls and taste testing to ensure quality. Every time. But his most unique contribution to the general level of comedy at the cat house was his role as a feline pillow. For some mysterious reason, other cats felt compelled to plop right down on top of Abner and take a nice long nap. We’ve never witnessed this behavior with any other cat. Our green-eyed comedian didn’t seem to mind, snoozing contently while smushed underneath some opportunistic kitty who preferred the comfort of Abner’s floofy orange fur to the five hundred other cat beds scattered around the house.

In January, Abner developed an eye infection that resisted several rounds of treatment. And then a large lump appeared over his right eye. Our vet informed us that we were dealing an inoperable tumor. A cancer diagnosis was too shocking for us to immediately accept. We sought a second opinion. Diagnosis confirmed. We pursued traditional and alternative treatments, but the tumor was taking over his face while Abner was growing weaker and less interested in food each passing week. We treasured our remaining time with our beloved boy until the cancer finally took him from us one heartbreaking August day. And now we treasure all the joy-filled memories of this wise, goofy, magnificent cat who walked out of a snow bank and into our home and our hearts.

Thank you Abner for all the cuddles and smiles. Your presence was a joy and a blessing. May you rest in peace.❤️🌈💫