Binx The Miracle Cat

Sometimes when life is at a low point (and we mean head-in-a-mud-puddle low) miracles happen. The story of Binx begins with a woman who regularly feeds a feral colony of cats. One day, she arrived with food and spotted a black ball of fur laying lifeless in a puddle. Recognizing Binx from the colony and fearing that he was deceased, she approached him and was met with a small movement of his head and a soft, plaintive meow. This was an emergency situation. She scooped up his limp body and rushed him to the veterinary hospital. Binx was indeed close to death. He was FIV+, he had a bacterial infection and was so severely anemic and dehydrated that he had collapsed into a puddle without the energy to move. The medical team did their job well, treating the infection and dehydration. And slowly this little black cat made a recovery. The woman had contacted a friend in feral cat rescue, who brought him to her home to continue antibiotic treatment. She began networking to find him a home and that’s when we got the call. We agreed to welcome Binx to our family and placed him in a catio in our special needs cat room.

Despite hailing from the streets, Binx clearly was once someone’s pet. This black beauty loves people and will happily plonk down in your lap and purr for pets. So perhaps he ran away or maybe he was abandoned, forced to make a rough living as part of a feral colony. The hitch is that Binx hates other cats and will promptly pick a fight with anything sporting whiskers and a tail. We assume that tangling with feral cats is how he became FIV+. But this is getting depressing! Let’s focus on the many talents of this funny feline! Frankly, Binx is a better conversationalist than most people we know, happily chirping and chatting about politics, sports and the chipmunk family outside the window. He is also a master of goofy expressions, sometimes appearing shocked, sometimes cross-eyed. We figure he’s a strong contender for any derp competition on social media. So let us know if you want to come cuddle with this floof and capture lots of funny pictures. If you win a derp photo competition, Binx wants half the winnings in catnip.