A Special Needs Cat Finds a Special Home

Otis cat

The leaves were just starting to turn color when we received a call from Free To Be Me Rescue (www.freetobemerescue.org) regarding a cat in need of a home. Otis had previously been adopted through their organization to a very loving home. Sadly, his owner was diagnosed with cancer at the same time Otis was diagnosed with diabetes. The owner relinquished Otis back to the rescue, who found it difficult to find an adopter for a 12-year old cat that requires insulin shots twice a day.

As an organization that focuses on providing a home for senior and special needs animals, The Lily Pond agreed to accept Otis. Our senior cat Elliot had just been diagnosed with diabetes a month earlier, so we were already familiar with the administration of daily insulin.

Nancy Kane and Barbara McNamee, two wonderful volunteers from Free to Be Me Rescue, brought Otis to his new home at The Lily Pond and toured the sanctuary, meeting all the cats with whom Otis would be living. The gray and white fellow who stepped out of the carrier was shy but amiable, quietly exploring his new surroundings. His meow sounds like a chirp and we noted that he had already lost some mobility in his hind legs due to the diabetes. Otis walks with a slow shuffle, dragging his back feet behind him. But he is such a champ when it comes to his daily insulin shots!

Otis cat

Upon arrival, Otis seemed a bit depressed, surely missing his beloved previous owner. We gave him lots of cuddles and affection and he slowly started coming out of his shell. Every night we sit on the sofa and cuddle with any of the cats who want affection – so there’s usually a whole pile of us. Otis usually hovered nearby until last week when he finally hopped up on the couch to join in the snuggles. We also knew we were making progress when he started eating the cat treats that we give out every evening before bedtime. He ignored them at first, but now happily chomps them down! The other cats have accepted him and we are glad to have Otis as part of our family.