A Warm Welcome to Charlotte

We have a lovely new lady at the cat house – please join us in welcoming Charlotte to The Lily Pond! This pretty tabby is approximately two years old and was born to a feral cat colony. Jodie LoMeli from O.C. Safe Cats had been feeding the colony when she noticed a kitten stuck in the engine of a parked car. Thankfully, Jodie got Charlotte out of that engine and over to the vet. That’s how she came to live with the O.C. Safe Cats. However, a recent change in their living arrangements necessitated the re-homing of many of the cats. Many were successfully adopted, but Jodie knew that a skittish cat who does not enjoy the company of people would be a challenge to place. That’s when we received a call about providing Charlotte with a forever home.

Charlotte arrived on January 26th, very frightened of the changes in her life. Because cats are territorial, we have a policy of integrating them into the group in two steps to reduce friction and fear. Charlotte was given her own room for a couple days so that she could adjust in a calm environment and get used to her new caregivers. She hid in her crate the whole time. We then moved her to the cat tower in the cat house. The cat tower is a tall, 3-level crate that keeps the new arrival safe while the current residents become acquainted. Charlotte adjusted well and received frequent visits from Toblerone, who would reach through the bars to touch her, and Barnaby, who decided that the top of the tower was the perfect place to nap. It wasn’t long before Charlotte was making cute chirping noises, chit-chatting with the other cats and reaching for the toys just outside the bars of the tower.

When we felt it was safe to release her into the cat house, we figured she would find a little cubby and hide all day. She surprised us! While not interested in being pet by people, Charlotte enjoys the other cats and exhibits zealous interest in hunting toys. She and Nigel have become besties, galloping around the house together and doing some serious bird watching through the window. The temptation of a tasty morsel overrides her shyness and she can be counted on to come running every night when we dole out the bedtime treats.