Simon Says

There’s a new game in town… and it’s not the electronic contraption from the 1980s that this writer spent hours trying to outsmart as a child. Meet Simon, an adorable tabby of tawny fur and eyes of green! Simon is relatively young at six years, but he’s traveled a difficult road. He lived in a home where conditions were not ideal. The situation escalated to the point where he was removed and placed at a shelter, where he promptly had a nervous breakdown. Huddled in the corner of his cage, he refused to interact with potential adopters. The shelter had given up hope when a kind soul swept in the door and immediately noticed his distress. She she adopted him on the spot and brought him home to begin his rehabilitation. It worked…with surprising success. He blossomed, revealing a loving and and affectionate personality. A change in the rescuer’s circumstances is what brought him to The Lily Pond. He took this in stride, making friends with all the caregivers. This handsome fellow is such a big mush that he will head-butt every human, quietly demanding pets and cuddles. What a wonderful soul and incredible example of resilience!

Simon isn’t the only new addition to our family.

Sweetie and Twinkles were next to arrive. They are sisters with similar grey and white coloring and arresting eyes. They were feral and living near a shopping mall. The gentleman who fed them for years passed away, so a local woman began ensuring that they had something to eat. But plans were in the works to tear down the shopping center and their benefactor was afraid they would be endangered by the construction, not to mention the busy street on which they lived. So she contacted The Lily Pond and we agreed to take them in.

Sweetie is the friendliest of the two, which is a relative thing since neither care to be pet. Sweetie’s visage is illuminated by uniquely orange colored eyes and her gaze is intense. She also has an issue with her back legs that causes her to toddle in a wobbly fashion when she’s running, either away from a human or towards a handful of treats. We find her wobbly trot cute and endearing.

Twinkles has a pink, heart shaped nose and a set of green peepers that are more likely to shoot lightening bolts than twinkle. This gal does not appreciate human contact. Nope. Nope. Nope. She will launch into the stratosphere clawing at air molecules in an attempt to avoid being pet. We are grateful that both sisters like the company of other cats and have mellowed considerably since their arrival. We’re pretty confident that warm, snuggly cat beds and 24/7 access to food is an improvement over the concrete jungle they survived prior to their arrival. So please join us in welcoming Simon, Twinkles and Sweetie to our family!