In Loving Memory of Theo and Apache

by Susan Bandy We recently had to say goodbye to two cherished members of The Lily Pond family. These transitions are never easy… in fact they are devastating. One of the most difficult aspects of animal rescue is grieving the loss of their passing – a challenge we face regularly …

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Celebrating Two Milestones for Waverly

This Winter season has marked two special milestones for our off-the-track Thoroughbred Permanent Wave – or Waverly as we affectionately call her. This leggy racehorse celebrated her 11th birthday on February 28th. She was born on a Kentucky farm to Awesome Again and India Halo — racehorse royalty. Destined for …

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Updates From The Cat House

This Winter has brought some new challenges to our family of felines. We want to keep you updated and to thank all of our friends for the outpouring of kindness and support. KATARINA is one of our senior kitties who will be turning 18 years old in May of this …

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The Happy Arrival of Happy!

It was a chilly day in January when a big bundle of warmth and joy danced into our lives. Happy is a 5-year-old Shih Tzu who is so ding-dang adorable that he leaves smiles and laughter in his wake wherever he goes. He was rescued from an abusive home by …

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Winter 2020 Newletter

We’ve had an unusually mild winter this year, with a few snow storms thrown in for good measure. February even delivered a couple of sunny days, much to the delight of the horses and dogs. By early March, the daffodil shoots began to appear and the glassy surface of the …

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Dogs of The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary dressed in their holiday finest

Happy Holidays

The pups have sent letters to Santa to let him know how very good they’ve been all year and how much they sure would appreciate more treats and chew toys… Looking for a gift for the person who has everything? Consider making a donation or providing a monthly sponsorship for …

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Otis cat

A Special Needs Cat Finds a Special Home

The leaves were just starting to turn color when we received a call from Free To Be Me Rescue ( regarding a cat in need of a home. Otis had previously been adopted through their organization to a very loving home. Sadly, his owner was diagnosed with cancer at the …

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Adeline cat

In Loving Memory of Addie and Marta

by Susan Bandy ADELINE was one of the first kitties to arrive at the cat house in November 2016. She was a local who tried to cross a busy road at the exact same time that a car was speeding by. The accident shattered her pelvis and severed her tail. …

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Abner cat The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary and Gardens

Celebrating Our Pumpkin-Colored Friends

The rich colors of the Autumn season and the many pumpkins on display around the neighborhood have inspired us to celebrate two of our pumpkin-colored pets here at the sanctuary! ABNER is a senior kitty who arrived at The Lily Pond in February 2017. He once had a family who …

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Mr. Ed horse The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary and Gardens

Welcome Home Mister Ed

It was a sunny day in November when a group of friends gathered to welcome home Mister Ed to The Lily Pond….finally! As many of you know, we adopted this senior quarter horse last May when his previous owner could no longer support his care. At the time, we did …

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The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary barn

Autumn 2019 Newsletter Lead Article

How lucky we have been to enjoy such a mild and multi-hued Autumn, with sunny days and bright blue skies. The sanctuary has been aglow with red and gold leaves, first on the trees and then blanketing the ground in a carpet of color. The fruit of the apple trees …

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The new run in shed at the Lily Pond

Thank You!!

We did it! Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to meet our fundraising goal of $5,000 for the purchase of a run-in shed to shelter Mister Ed. The shed has been ordered and we have been busy preparing the paddock. We look forward to welcoming Mister …

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Mr. Ed horse at The Lily Pond

The Adventures of Mister Ed

It’s been a wild ride since we rescued Mister Ed from a situation of neglect last May and placed him in foster care with Barn Manager Brenda Izzo. Ed had a bad case of heaves, a respiratory ailment caused by moldy hay. Our first priority was to improve his diet …

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Local Artists Visit The Sanctuary

We were very fortunate to host a group of artists from the Columbia County Plein Air Painting group. After a brief tour, the artists set up their easels and set to work capturing the beauty of the sanctuary on canvas – with great success!

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Waverly the horse at The Lily Pond

She’s a Beauty

In March of this year, off-the-track Thoroughbred Waverly arrived at the sanctuary looking scruffy, thin, muddy, and covered with a viral infection (rain rot) across her back. She’s a 10-year-old mare, so it didn’t take long to get her weight up. We even worried that she might be getting a …

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Adeline the cat at The Lily Pond

All the Latest News

There’s been a lot going on this summer with our four-legged family. Many people have asked about some of our animals who have been facing medical challenges, so we wanted to share the following updates. ADELINE Addie is one of our special needs kitties. Prior to coming to the sanctuary, …

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Merlin the cat at The Lily Pond

Merlin Moves In

We’re pleased to announce another set of whiskers at the cat house. Merlin is an affable, 18-year-old tuxedo who arrived at the sanctuary in July. He was rescued from a bad situation in a garage as a kitten and cared for by a local woman who provided a cat house …

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Jeb dog The Lily Pond

In Loving Memory of Jeb

by Susan Bandy JEB was a good boy. This is important to understand – that he was good; that he was sweet and brave; and that he maintained a great attitude right up until cancer took him away from us. Sixteen-year-old Jeb first arrived at the sanctuary last September with …

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The Arrival of Apache

If you happen to visit the sanctuary and see an adorable tri-colored pony wearing boots, be sure to say hello to Apache, the newest member of the herd! Apache is a 27-year old Paint gelding owned for many years by a local woman involved in animal welfare. She had rescued …

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The Lily Pond

Summer 2019 Newsletter Lead Article

Cooler weather has already arrived – the summer months flew by so quickly! The warm, sunny days were anything but lazy here at the sanctuary. We’ve been busy building out a fourth stall in the barn and preparing the paddock for a run-in shed for the horses who are currently …

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