Winter 2021

The past four chilly months have brought lots of exciting developments at The Lily Pond… there are several new sets of hooves and paws around here that we are very pleased to introduce!

A view from the window features snow falling steadily, blanketing the fields in white once again. The geese arrived back in town earlier than expected, only to find the pond still frozen. A few of our feathered friends plodded gingerly out on the ice looking perplexed, while a more adventurous soul landed mid-flight and found himself skating across the slick surface, wings flapping wildly. Once the waters of the pond began to ripple again, a pair of Mallard ducks appeared. The rays of the sun made their colorful heads glow an iridescent green. We also noticed a baby muskrat fishing for dinner, disappearing under the surface and reappearing on the opposite bank. The deer have been present throughout the snowy months, but we were surprised one day when an all-white buck appeared in the meadow. He looked almost mystical against the snowy backdrop, antlers raised high and tail twitching as he surveyed his domain on the lookout for coyotes from the nearby woodland.

The horses never seem to mind even the coldest days, happily trotting out of their stalls or declining to stand in their run-in sheds in favor of being out in the paddocks. We often get asked if the horses get cold standing out in the snow, but the truth is that they prefer being outside. They grow thick winter coats and with the addition of a blanket and lots of hay to munch, remain content out in the elements. Several of the dogs and humans and all of the cats favor the indoors, preferably next to a warm wood stove, thank you very much.

A horse standing in a snow covered field with a maroon and black and gray plaid blanket over his shoulders

The winter season brought several snow storms and howling winds, with the predictable power outages. During a particularly wild storm, one of our apple trees was hit by lightening. Thankfully it survived. Despite the scars, it will go on to blossom in the Spring and bear red fruit in the Autumn. What a wonderful example of resilience. We have many such examples around here: most of our animals come from situations of cruelty, neglect, or abandonment. They arrive at the sanctuary frightened and unsure, often mistrusting of humans. We focus on bringing them back to health and providing kindness and affection. It’s incredibly rewarding when they begin to blossom, often displaying charming personalities and a willingness to trust again. We love our amazing cats, dogs, and horses and are so grateful for your interest in their lives. Rescue works.