In Loving Memory: Merlin

by Susan Bandy

MERLIN was a black and white tuxedo cat who had the distinguished honor of being our oldest kitty at the sanctuary. He was deaf and quite shy, but he loved living with other cats. Merlin did not seek out affection from people, but would purr with appreciation when we brushed his fur with his special grooming brush.

Merlin began life as a feral kitten who was rescued by a local woman, who gave him and many other feral cats a comfortable home. The day finally came when Merlin found himself the last remaining survivor, as all his friends had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

His rescuer contacted us about giving Merlin a home in our cat house because he was terribly lonely and missed the company of other cats. We agreed and Merlin settled in quickly, happy to be back in the company of a friendly group of cats.

Merlin was approaching his 22nd birthday this year when the signs of age began to appear. He was not in any pain, just experiencing the slowing down of the body as his time to transition approached. We kept him comfortable and his original rescuer came to visit and give him lots of brushing and kind words. Merlin had always declined to be held, but in his last week, his heart softened and he allowed me to hold him on my lap, purring as I cuddled and sang to him. Merlin passed peacefully in his sleep. Although Merlin was quiet and shy, his presence was a joyful contribution to the cat house. He is greatly missed.

Thank you Merlin for being part of our family.
May you rest in peace and serenity.