In Celebration of Black Cats

October 27th is National Black Cat Day, which was intended to bring some positive PR to a population of cats that have been the unfortunate recipients of negative treatment due to old superstitions. Not only considered bad luck, these felines are the least likely to get adopted. We have some delightful house panthers here at the sanctuary, and wanted to take the opportunity to introduce them.


BAGHEERA arrived at the sanctuary in November of 2016 after she had been abandoned by her owner, who moved out of his apartment and left her. She was so stressed from the experience that she had compulsively licked all the fur off her tail and hind legs. We were glad to see that the obsessive licking stopped once she settled in to her new home. Her fur grew back to reveal a beautiful fluffy tail! She’s also known as the “Leaning Tower of Bagheera” because she likes to stand on her hind legs and lean in while being petted. She’s very enthusiastic about cuddles!

Black Cat Betty

BETTY is our grande dame, also know as “The Empress Dowager” since she is one of our most senior kitties and expects royal treatment. She’s been known to swat at people and other cats who don’t show proper respect. Betty was found as a stray near one of the local ponds. She was so hungry that she followed a woman who was walking her dog around the pond. The woman was kind enough to bring Betty to Sheep Meadow Animal Hospital, where Dr. Patterson nursed her back to health. She joined the sanctuary in November of 2016 and has been ruling over the cat house ever since.

Black Cat Zander

ZANDER is a handsome fellow who came from a loving home whose circumstances changed unexpectedly. His favorite pastime is sitting at the window to watch the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks, in whom he takes a keen interest. Zander also has a weakness for catnip and an ability to open sealed containers even when stored on high shelves. This clever cat has been know to empty a whole bag of catnip and roll joyfully in it for hours. Once we smartened up and hid the catnip, he developed a fondness for chewing on the leaves of the plant. Hmmm…

Black Cat Toblerone

TOBLERONE arrived at the sanctuary as a kitten in September 2016 from a local farm that was overrun with feral cats. He heard there was too much peace and quiet at the sanctuary and came to stir things up. Known as the “Head of the Department of Mischief”, this curious and rambunctious fellow knows how to party and wreck general havoc. Chewed up plants? Toberlerone. Lamp broken in pieces on he floor? Toblerone. Shredded curtains? Toblerone. Chewed up shoelaces? Toblerone. Toilet paper festooned throughout the kitchen and living room? Yep. That’s our boy Toblerone.

Black Cat Barnaby

BARNABY was part of The British Invasion – one of Viz’s three kittens that were born under our deck last summer. Before we were able to safely trap and vet all the kittens, they had been wandering all over the property. One night, we heard a kitten crying for help near the garage, but couldn’t find him anywhere. Upon further investigation, we discovered that he had actually run into the garage. But we still couldn’t locate the source of the cries… until we found him lodged in the engine of our truck. It took two days to extricate him. Barnaby was overjoyed to be fed a good meal and re-united with his mother and siblings. He doesn’t go near the garage anymore.