Update on the Horses

April and Sammir. Horses at The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary

We’ve received a lot of inquiries regarding April and Sammir, who arrived at The Lily pond in November from a cruelty case that left them both starved, underweight, and in need of medical attention. We’re happy to report that this senior bonded pair has adjusted well to life at the forever home.

Our first priority was to put some weight on April, who our veterinarian assigned a rating of 1 on a scale of 1-9 for physical fitness. Because she’s missing so many teeth, April cannot chew or derive any nutrients from hay. So our Palamino Princess is fed four mashes per day that include extra nutrients to help her add bulk in an environment of cold winter temperatures. It’s no surprise that she arrived with a heavy parasite load. In her previous home, she was so starved that she ate her own manure.

We treated it aggressively and were relieved when her follow up test showed zero parasites. The good news is that April has gained approximately 200 lbs since her arrival! That’s a big deal for a senior horse during the winter season. Our veterinarian visited her in March and updated her rating from 1 to 3. She still needs to gain another 100 lbs., but her face and body have filled out nicely. She no longer has ribs showing or hip joints poking out. She’s looking fabulous and we’re so proud of her!!

Sammir is doing well in his new home. When they first arrived, we thought April was the alpha horse. It turns out that Sammir’s running the show (according to Sammir, of course). He’s got a sweet, mischievous personality but doesn’t hesitate to nip at April if he perceives that she’s getting more attention or treats. They keep close to one another, sometimes bickering, sometimes gently grooming each other like two old friends.