Shelter From The Storm

We are delighted to welcome two new cats to our family here at The Lily Pond. Lou and Atticus both found themselves homeless in the harsh reality of an upstate New York winter, exposed to snow storms and extreme cold. Thanks to several kind souls and the work of two talented veterinarians and their staff, these ill and hapless strays have survived a challenging journey and found the comfort and security of a forever home here at the sanctuary.

LOU is a senior fellow who was observed wandering around a Hudson Valley neighborhood with no apparent home. When temperatures went below zero in January, a kind soul realized that Lou would not survive the bitter cold and made a call to Robert Codacovi, Manager of Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital in Wappingers Falls. Rob agreed to take him in and Dr. Alex Barrientos and the staff proceeded to rehabilitate this old, sickly, starving, and frostbitten cat.
Lou’s fur was so matted it was actually stuck to his skin, so the team at Earth Angels did their best to shave off the matts… resulting in what we all jokingly refer to as the “haircut from hell.”

Lou was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis and liver disease. He was put on antibiotics to treat the toxoplasmosis, but the liver disease is a longer term problem and is the cause of his copper-colored eyes (copper storage hepatopathy). Lou also bears the scars from frostbite on his ears and nose. It turns out Lou’s digestion also gives him trouble, so he’s not always able to get to the litterbox in time. There was speculation that this may have been the reason why he found himself permanently out of a home, since his sweet personality and love of people make it evident that he was once someone’s pet.

The staff at Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital realized that Lou’s old age and medical issues would not make him a popular adoption candidate, so they reached out to The Lily Pond sanctuary to ask if we would consider a hospice case. Three weeks later, Lou arrived at the sanctuary. Now that he’s feeling more comfortable in his new digs, he follows us around and entertains everyone with his chatter and sing-song meows. He’s got a lot to say and we’re pretty sure it has to do with demands for cuddles and kitty treats.

ATTICUS, a black and white tuxedo cat, had been hanging around a few homes near Hudson for almost seven months but no one could catch him. When temperatures went to -9 degrees below zero in January, a concerned family made the decision to help this lost soul. By this time, Atticus was so sick and hungry that it wasn’t hard to capture him. We received a call from the family and advised that he be taken to a veterinarian for immediate medical evaluation and treatment. Dr. Carlene Patterson and Sheep Meadow Animal Hospital graciously agreed to treat and quarantine Atticus. When he arrived, his jaw was shaking and he had a constant stream of bloody drool due to a large ulcer on his tongue. He was also diagnosed with calici, an upper respiratory infection. Atticus was one miserable kitty. The treatment began and once the infection had cleared and his tongue had healed, Dr. Patterson handled the neuter and vaccinations.

Atticus is a very shy boy who puts on a good show of hissing and hiding when first approached, only to hop in your lap a few seconds later and start purring when you pet him. He just wants to be loved! We don’t believe he’s feral, since he’s never shown any aggression or flight response. However, we don’t think he was ever anyone’s beloved pet. Perhaps he was a barn cat who lost his way. The good news is that now he’s home safe, enjoying 24/7 access to food and lots of affection.