Home For The Holidays

It was a chilly December day when three shelter cats found a new home at the sanctuary. We are delighted to introduce Destiny, Keegan, and Elliot!

Destiny is an elegant, friendly calico who found herself at the shelter after she and her four kitty housemates were removed by animal control from a very bad living situation. She watched all four of her friends get adopted from the shelter one by one… while she waited in vain. It was time for this lovely lady to find her family! Welcome home Destiny!

Keegan is a sweet fellow with gorgeous green eyes and a perfectly pink nose. He had a run of bad luck, landing at the shelter a couple years ago. Fortunately, he was adopted by an older gentleman, but sadly found himself back at the shelter a short time later when his new owner passed away. There he languished for over a year, continually overlooked by potential adopters. We figured it was time for Keegan’s luck to change… and brought him home!

Elliot is a sweet, talkative chap always ready with a cheerful greeting. We don’t know much about his history, other than that he’s approximately 9 years old and was stuck at the shelter for far too long. Now he brightens every day with his cuddles and friendly chatter. Welcome home Elliot!