Hello Dolly… Well, Hello Dolly!

We’re delighted to welcome Dolly, a young and mischievous Treeing Walker Coonhound. She had been left outside and largely neglected by her previous owner. A concerned person stepped in and offered to adopt her, only to find that Dolly didn’t get along well with her other dog. We agreed to take her and our German Shepherd Zaffa could not be happier with the arrival of his new friend, despite her penchant for stealing toys and right out of his mouth.

Like most hounds, this gal loves to run and can really put on some speed chasing squirrels or escaping with one of Zaffa’s toys. We marvel at how she appears to swoop and sail across the yard like some floppy-eared ballistic missile. Using sophisticated advanced technology, we measured whether any of her paws actually make contact with the ground during her high-speed flights. They don’t. We concluded that gravity simply doesn’t work on Dolly.