Preparing for Parrots

We are super excited to share our progress on the construction of an aviary in preparation for the arrival of our first rescue parrots!! The sanctuary is planning to take in a Blue Gold Macaw and two Umbrella Cockatoos in need of a home. The macaw is approximately 25 years old and has anger management issues from being ignored and cooped up in a small cage for too long. He needs lots of love and space to fly! The cockatoos are a bonded pair and need a home where they can remain best buds and sing at full decibel.

The aviary includes both indoor and outdoor space. The indoor portion is 20 feet long by 14 feet wide. The outdoor space is extends another 18 feet from the building. We’re working to complete the indoor portion in the next few weeks and plan to finish the outdoor fencing this summer.

We would welcome your support as we prepare to bring these beauties home! Please click the below link to donate to our GoFundMe campaign. THANK YOU!!