Brodie’s Smile

Sweet, smiling Brodie is our senior Springer Spaniel who arrived with his friends Tig and Jeb in September 2018. A local family’s house had been struck by lightening and caught fire. All were safe but the family had to move out during construction to repair the damage. They left the dogs in the basement. Alone. The extended family stopped by to feed the dogs hamburgers from McDonalds and were concerned about their welfare. That’s when we got the call and immediately agreed to take them.

The three arrived in pretty bad shape, covered in fleas and burrs and matted fur. We got them cleaned up and vetted and set about becoming a family, which was not difficult given the sweet nature of the dogs. Tig and Jeb were vocal and outgoing, but Brodie was shy, often retreating to the safety of his crate. The family had reported that Brodie had always been bashful. Originally raised as a hunting dog, he was returned by his first owner for being too timid in the field. We suspect that Brodie experienced some form of abuse in his early years, as he shows some of the classic signs. But when Brodie smiles, it lights up the galaxy. He is such a sweet soul, always obedient and eager for cuddles and pets. When it’s time to go for a walk, he grins from ear to ear and hops up and down on his front paws. Playing fetch is Brodie’s passion in life, happily chasing the ball across the yard and bringing it back for another round. In the evening when I’m relaxing with the dogs, Brodie sits to my right, resting his chin on my knee while gazing up with trust and affection in his brown eyes. He so loves to be loved. And when he smiles, all the the world is mine.