The Arrival of Apache

If you happen to visit the sanctuary and see an adorable tri-colored pony wearing boots, be sure to say hello to Apache, the newest member of the herd! Apache is a 27-year old Paint gelding owned for many years by a local woman involved in animal welfare. She had rescued Apache when he was three years old from a farm where he had been living in horrible conditions. Now she is preparing to relocate from New York to Florida and deter-mined that it would be too difficult a trip for Apache due to his special needs. She wanted to find him a good home where his dietary and hoof requirements would be addressed. Her veterinarian recommended The Lily Pond and she drove up to see the sanctuary and meet with us. She generously offered to help support Apache’s transition. We felt he would be a good fit with our herd agreed to provide this sweet senior with a forever home.

Apache arrived the afternoon of August 31st and unloaded from the trailer without any trouble. We put him in the front paddock while April, Sammir and Waverly were in their stalls to facilitate a safe introduction. Apache trotted up to each stall to make the acquaintance of our current residents – with wildly different results! Sammir whinnied at the newcomer and reached out to nuzzle the little pony. Satisfied that he had made a new friend, Apache moved on to April’s stall. Our Palomino mare poked her head out, pinned her ears and blew a raspberry at the little guy before ducking back into her stall. Apache stood there looking slightly abashed, then wisely headed on to Waverly’s stall. Our Thoroughbred was curious and stretched over the door of her stall to check out the newcomer. Apache must have met with approval, because Waverly also nuzzled him.

Apache adjusted quickly to his new life at the sanctuary, displaying good manners during his appointments with the veterinarian and farrier. Years ago, he had foundered in a field of lush grass, so now wears gel boots on his front hooves. Time has taken a toll on his teeth, which are worn down stubs. He is not allowed access to hay in order to prevent choking due to the fact that he can’t properly chew it. He used to receive two mashes a day and we increased it to three. This little Paint has no problem letting us know that he’s hungry, using his hooves to create a mighty racket by kicking the stall door until we dutifully serve his meal. If you happen to be in the paddock, you will find yourself walking around with a horse-shaped shadow. Apache loves attention and follows us around like a puppy, nuzzling and nickering for more pets and hugs.

Apache would love to have a sponsor or three to help support him in his new life. He still needs a winter blanket and rain sheet. He is on a special diet and requires extensive care of his hooves. His gel boots are expensive, but they keep him comfortable and fashionable! Will you consider supporting this sweet pony?

Sponsors can visit the sanctuary on Sponsor Sundays to spend time in beautiful surroundings with their four-legged friends. Your support is greatly appreciated!