Summer 2019 Newsletter Lead Article

Cooler weather has already arrived – the summer months flew by so quickly! The warm, sunny days were anything but lazy here at the sanctuary. We’ve been busy building out a fourth stall in the barn and preparing the paddock for a run-in shed for the horses who are currently in foster care waiting to come home to The Lily Pond.

The fields have been hayed and the pond is full of pink waterlilies. A mother deer has been caring for her little spotted fawn in our fields – can you see him standing next to his mother in the below photo? Barn swallows built a nest in the rafters of the barn and swoop through the eaves feeding their family of chirping babies. The spiders weave intricate webs in every available corner, making a good living off the abundance of bugs. Wild turkeys traverse the fields, piquing the interest of the cats and sending the dogs into a barking frenzy.

Our Treeing Walker Coonhound, Dolly, keeps close watch on the raccoons that cavort at dusk in the trees bordering the dog yard. She bounds around the yard, barking the alert to all of Columbia County as well as several neighboring states. We suspect that the raccoons find it highly entertaining to tease our vocal and very dedicated hunter from the relative safety of the high branches beyond the fence.