A Boy Named Buttercup and His Bestie Sedley

The image that typically comes to mind when told of a cat named Buttercup is a sweet girl with fur the color of light fawn or ginger. That’s not our Buttercup. The newest member of The Lily Pond family is a charming fellow with jet black fur from head to tail who arrived with his best friend Sedley, a fluffy gray with eyes of speckled green.

The bonded pair arrived this spring after we received a call from Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital in Wappingers Falls. They had been boarding the two cats for their owner, who was hospitalized with cancer. Sadly, Buttercup and Sedley’s person passed away. With no family members willing to take them in, the two kitties were in need of a home.

They are both 12 years old and both have special needs. Sedley has kidney disease and requires medication, a special diet, and subcutaneous fluids several times a week. Buttercup has thyroid issues and is also on medication. The good folks at Earth Angels felt that these two seniors needed a forever home that could provide for their special needs and reached out to The Lily Pond. Like 19th century travelers embarking upon a lengthy journey, the cats arrived with trunks full of medication, food and supplies. Happy to have one another, they did not take long to get over their initial shyness. Clearly loved, Buttercup and Sedley were quick to show their affection for their new family, purring when petted and in Sedley’s case, drooling waterfalls of joy.

It was clear that Buttercup had not only loads of luggage, but loads of personality as well. His meow sounds more like a quack and if you offer him food, he will sprint in the opposite direction. Sedley is always at the ready to scarf down Buttercup’s meal, as a favor to his friend of course. We were also informed that Buttercup has a predilection for hanging upside down. In response to our surprise, Carrie Reiss, who kindly drove the two from Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital to the sanctuary, scooped up the ball of ebony fur and held him upside down in her arms, resulting in contented purrs. If there’s no one conveniently around to hold Buttercup upside down, he indulges his hobby by hanging in a head-first dive off the side of the cat tree. We figure there must be some opossum or fruit bat DNA in his ancestral family line. Either way, we’re happy to welcome these two fabulous felines to their new home at The Lily Pond!

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