Winter 2020 Newletter

We’ve had an unusually mild winter this year, with a few snow storms thrown in for good measure. February even delivered a couple of sunny days, much to the delight of the horses and dogs. By early March, the daffodil shoots began to appear and the glassy surface of the pond melted into cold blue currents. A mated pair of geese are already on the scene, strolling the property and fishing for dinner, nose down and tail feathers sticking up from the surface of the water. We know there will be a gaggle of little downy goslings appearing soon!

The beavers have been industrious throughout the chilly days, constructing two dams and effectively reengineering the shape of our lower pond. The bowl of bird seed on the porch is a popular gathering place for the many sparrows, blue jays, nuthatches, goldfinches, junkos, and chickadees who come to gossip over a good meal. A crimson pair of cardinals are often seen together, stunning in color and of particular interest to the cats attentively watching through the window with eager eyes and twitching tails.

The global spread of the Coronavirus has certainly brought changes to our lives, effectively creating a collective pause for humanity. One of the goals of our annual Earth Day Celebration is to call in the light and offer blessings for the planet and all sentient beings. We feel that blessings and healing are needed now more than ever, so at this time we are still planning this joyful event but at a later date for everyone’s safety. The Earth Day Celebration has been rescheduled to Saturday June 13th, 2020. During this time of isolation, we appreciate the calming natural beauty of the trees and ponds here at the sanctuary and continue to care for our beloved four-legged friends. The animals here and all over the world are working to reduce humanity’s fear and to cultivate the qualities of love and joy in people, as they have since time immemorial.