Welcome Home Mister Ed

It was a sunny day in November when a group of friends gathered to welcome home Mister Ed to The Lily Pond….finally! As many of you know, we adopted this senior quarter horse last May when his previous owner could no longer support his care. At the time, we did not have a place for him in our barn, so our barn manager, Brenda Izzo, offered to foster him. With the help of our wonderful donors, we were able to purchase and install a run-in shed in the paddock.

It’s been a roller coaster ride caring for this sweet senior with his many health challenges. We put him on a proper diet to get his weight up and to address his problem with heaves, a respiratory condition similar to asthma. He also experienced many close calls over the summer with a painful abscess in his front hoof.

Lynn Cross from Little Brook Farm graciously agreed to trailer Mister Ed from his foster home to the sanctuary, where a small gathering of friends were waiting to welcome him and celebrate his homecoming with a champagne toast! Our boy stepped off the trailer to meet the welcoming party and began neighing loudly to the other horses who he still had yet to meet.

Brenda walked him around his new paddock and run-in shed to familiarize him with his new surroundings. Then she led him to the barn to meet the other horses. Sammir and Waverly both greeted the newcomer with gentle nuzzles from the window of their barn stalls. In a comical repeat of Apache’s arrival two months ago, April expressed her immense disapproval by throwing a tantrum, turning her back and refusing to say hello. Mister Ed spent a few moments staring at the empty stall window before deciding that an introduction to this sassy senior mare could wait for a more auspicious time. Besides, he was already smitten with the lovely Waverly. Everyone falls in love with our beautiful off-the-track Thoroughbred! We could only guess at the romantic comedy that would ensue as Sammir made it clear that Waverly was his girl and April played the role of the woman scorned once again. Ah… the vagaries of love.

Shortly after his arrival, Mister Ed threw a shoe and we once again had an emergency visit from the vet and farrier. Fortunately, he persevered but we made the decision to keep him in a stall for a little while to prevent any more problems from the mud in the paddock and to ensure that his hooves stay dry. We are happy to report that he is doing well in his new home and looks forward to the arrival of his beloved friend Brenda every morning.

Mister Ed would love to have a special person to sponsor him!

He’s a senior horse who sustained a lot of damage from lack of proper care in his previous life. He requires a special diet and accommodations due to his respiratory and hoof problems. Would you consider befriending this sweet, funny, and charasmatic quarter horse?

Sponsors receive a special gift and can visit the sanctuary to spend time in beautiful surroundings with their four-legged friends. Your support is greatly appreciated!