She’s a Beauty

In March of this year, off-the-track Thoroughbred Waverly arrived at the sanctuary looking scruffy, thin, muddy, and covered with a viral infection (rain rot) across her back. She’s a 10-year-old mare, so it didn’t take long to get her weight up. We even worried that she might be getting a hay belly and moderated her diet. The rain rot was a bigger challenge, but consistent application of medicated lotion slowly cleared up her skin. Her coat is now clear and glossy. This gal is gorgeous and she knows it.

Waverly’s short tenure at the sanctuary has not been without mishap. In April, a terrific wind storm assailed the property and the sound of the tree hitting the roof of the barn spooked the horses in the paddock. April and Sammir suddenly bolted. Waverly made to do the same, but her hooves got stuck in the mud, throwing her off balance and causing her to crash right through the fence. She landed on her back with all four legs in the air and then rolled back up to a standing position on the front lawn. Sammir took the opportunity to sail right through the opening in the fence.

Thinking quickly, Barn Manager Brenda Izzo was able to get hold of Sammir’s halter and lead him back though the door of the barn, betting that Waverly would follow Sammir wherever he went. It worked, and soon all the horses were safely in their stalls. The veterinarian made an emergency visit to examine Waverly for an injuries. By some lucky miracle, Waverly thankfully did not have any broken bones or injuries. The poor girl was just sore for several days.

Waverly is doing well and her transformation has been quite dramatic in just a few short months. We’ve included some before and after photos below. Special thanks and gratitude to the Clifford Family for their generous sponsorship of Waverly! She couldn’t have asked for a nicer family, who have loved and supported her every step of the way.

The above left photograph was taken in February 2019 at Waverly’s previous home, prior to her arrival at The Lily Pond. The above right photograph was taken of Waverly in August 2019 in her paddock at The Lily Pond.

The below left photograph was taken in March 2019 a few days after Waverly’s arrival at the sanctuary. She has a terrible case of rain rot. The below right photograph was taken in August 2019.