Merlin Moves In

Merlin the cat at The Lily Pond

We’re pleased to announce another set of whiskers at the cat house. Merlin is an affable, 18-year-old tuxedo who arrived at the sanctuary in July. He was rescued from a bad situation in a garage as a kitten and cared for by a local woman who provided a cat house for a group of stray cats in need. Merlin lived there happily for 18 years among his kitty friends. But over time, his comrades crossed the Rainbow Bridge one by one until finally he was the only remaining cat. He was lonely all by himself in the cat building. He would sit in the window watching for his caregiver, and yowl for someone to come keep him company.

Merlin’s previous owner is focused on rescue and rehabilitation for several different animal species and was not planning to continue taking in stray cats. She reached out to The Lily Pond to ask if we could accept him at our cat house, since he is happiest with other kitties. He arrived at the sanctuary and we put him in the cat tower, which is used to safely integrate new cats into the group.

Merlin’s arrival created a stir among the current denizens and he found himself chatting with several of our more curious kitties, who came up to the cat tower to greet him. After two weeks, we opened the door of the cat tower. Merlin hopped out and promptly ran upstairs to hide in one of the cat cubbies. We brought food and water up to him, hoping that he would eventually make his way downstairs to the main room.

Every evening, all the animals get treats before we tuck them in for the night. Merlin took a keen interest in the chicken-flavored cat treats and this was the key to his becoming more comfortable in his new home. As soon as he heard the melodious sound of treats being sprinkled on the floor, he would make his way down the stairs and tentatively inquire as to his ration. His previous owner sent along his special cat brush, telling us that he enjoyed being brushed. She was right! We took the opportunity to pet and brush him and soon he was hanging out with all the others. While shy by nature, Merlin is clearly happy to back back among a family of kitties.

Once Merlin had settled in, his previous owner made the decision to close down her former cat house and donated a large number of cat trees to The Lily Pond. How lucky are we?? Ever curious, the kitties explored their new playground, giving the furniture a new set of scratches for good measure.

Welcome home Merlin! We’re glad you’re here.

Above: Merlin peering out the window of his former home hoping for some company.
Below: the kitties enjoying all the new cat trees that were donated upon Merlin’s arrival.