Spring 2019 Newsletter Lead Article

We know that Spring has arrived not by the warmer temperatures, which remain rather chilly here in upstate New York, but by the return of the geese to the pond. Six little baby goslings appeared on the scene and their proud parents made a point to parade them all over the grounds of the sanctuary.

The geese aren’t the only visitors to the pond — we have a majestic blue heron who wades in, fishing for a bite to eat before spreading his enormous wings and floating off, presumably to other ponds.

The birds and peepers have taken up their spring songs, maintaining a cheerful concert from dawn to dusk. Our favorite chipmunk is back patrolling the stone wall and the beavers are gleefully destroying the property in their quest to construct the largest dam in the Western Hemisphere.

The gardens are now in full bloom – purple rhododendrons, pink azaleas, yellow daffodils, and purple irises. Check out some of our favorite blossoms in the photo gallery!