In Loving Memory of Tristan and Lou

It is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of two of our beloved cats, Tristan and Lou. Tristan was one of the first cats to arrive at the cat house in November 2016. Lou was only with us for a short two months. Both were special cats with special needs. We like to think that their spirits are together now, dancing across the stars.

In loving memory Lou cat

LOU arrived at the sanctuary in February. He was a stray rescued by a kind soul who knew this senior fellow wouldn’t survive the cold winter temperatures. Lou was taken to the talented team at Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital in Wappingers Falls, where he was treated for frostbite, toxoplasmosis, and parasites. He was also diagnosed with liver disease.

Lou rallied under their care, but they knew his health was fragile and contacted the sanctuary to ask if we would consider accepting him as a hospice case. We agreed and welcomed him withe the expectation of having a lot more time with him than we did. He was a very sweet, talkative cat who loved affection.

When his health took a turn for the worse in March, we rushed him to our veterinarian at Sheep Meadow Animal Hospital. The prognosis wasn’t good. He was on medication and fluids, but the liver disease was quickly progressing. Within the week, he was ready to make his transition. He passed away peacefully in his bed the afternoon of March 29th.

In loving memory of Katrina cat

Moments after Lou took his last breath, our Siamese cat Katarina came over and gently laid across Lou’s body and began purring as she supported him through his transition. Katarina has always cared for our ill kitties. She used to cuddle our cat Halo during her battle with kidney disease. Now she was cuddling and purring over Lou. Her kindness was truly touching and a great comfort to us… and surely to Lou as well.

Rest in peace sweet Lou. Even though you were only here a few short weeks, you brought so much joy. We are grateful for the opportunity to know and love you.

TRISTAN was a gorgeous, fluffy, senior cat who arrived at the sanctuary in 2016 very frightened and unsure of himself. His deafness made him shy and skittish – he hid in the cat tower for the first 3 months. Slowly he began to relax and interact with caregivers and the other cats. His tuxedo coloring was perfectly appropriate for the gentleman that he was. Always kind, he befriended several of the other shy cats and we watched him grow more confident and affectionate over time.

In loving memory Tristan cat

Only a few days following Lou’s passing, Tristan showed signs of being unwell. A visit to the vet confirmed our worst fears: acute kidney failure. We started him on medication and daily fluids, but the advanced stage of his disease claimed him with shocking speed.

Tristan, we love you and thank you for the gift of your time with us. May your beautiful soul dance among the stars.