Woofs and Wags

Our pack of two has expanded to five with the arrival of Tig, Jeb, and Brodie. A local family’s house caught fire after being struck by lightening, forcing them to temporarily relocate until contractors could repair the damage. Unfortunately, they couldn’t take the dogs with them and left them alone at the house. Concerned family members took action, and that’s when we received a call asking if we could foster the three dogs until construction on the

house was complete. We agreed, and now Dolly and Elsa have a Cocker Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, and Springer Spaniel as playmates.

All three are senior dogs, but you’d never guess given their exuberant energy. On the day they arrived, Dolly, Elsa and one astonished human looked on in dismay as Tig hurtled at high speed around the room, bouncing off walls and finally landing in

the water bowl, which went flying to spectacular effect. Meanwhile, Jeb and Brodie staked their new territory by marking every single piece of furniture in the room. Good thing our rugs are washable.

But that was only the beginning. The Three Amigos arrived full of fleas, without collars, leashes, tags, food, heartworm meds, or proper vaccinations… or any obedience training that we could detect. Tig’s ears were covered in burrs and Brodie was full of matts from head to tail. This was going to be a project.

We got them to the groomer pronto, then over to the veterinarian clinic, where Jeb was treated for an ear infection and Brodie treated for Lyme.

It didn’t take long for the dogs to settle in. They love to explore on their daily walks and never get tired of cuddles and belly rubs. We discovered that they love to play fetch in the yard, but only Brodie seems to grasp the concept of retrieving the ball and bringing it back. Jeb and Tig are just excited run around in the general direction of an object flying through the air.