The Wild Life

Our wonderful dogs, cats, and horses are not the only animals who share this beautiful land on which we live at the sanctuary. We are graced with the presence of deer, coyote, fox, opossums, hawks, raccoons, turtles, chipmunks, herons, geese, butterflies, squirrels, frogs, and many others. Here are a few photos of some of our wild friends at The Lily Pond.

Blessings In All Directions
— by Donna Wahlert
We look to the north and see
hardy caribou, noble elk
the husky, rolling in snow
the salmon struggling upstream to spawn
the deer whisking his tail with elegance.

We look to the south and watch
the alligator measuring the pond
the armadillo turning his armor to the world
the wings of pelican, wood stork, heron
catching the low warm air streams.

To the west is the
rim-eyed panda, the yak, the kiwi,
a koala nestled in the fork of a blue gum tree
the take-charge kangaroo and wallaby
leaping to attention, balancing the world on
thick tails.

The red earth of the east
is the setting for the stately parade of giraffe, elephant, gazelle,
fringed lion, svelte tiger, portly hippo –
all staking a claim for their home on the continent.

We look nearer to home and glimpse
the curious Persion cat, the faithful Labrador,
the regal quarter horse
content goldfish, clever hamsters,
the reptile appreciating friendship.

As we finish taking inventory,
We send up a prayer of thanksgiving
for these blest animals, who reflect all of creation
and who share with us
this air
this water
this dust.