Progress Report on the Parrot Aviary

We’ve been working on the parrot aviary and wanted to provide an update on both the parrots and the building. The macaw and two cockatoos went through a full vet exam prior to scheduling transport to the sanctuary. A lump was discovered in one of the cockatoos, so they both need to remain under medical supervision until we get the biopsy results back and determine a prognosis. The macaw has also been experiencing health issues related to IBS, so a blood test has been ordered in an effort to diagnose the issue. Their health and well-being are our first priority, so we will not attempt to transport them until they receive a clean bill of health and the veterinarian confirms that it is safe for them to travel.

In the meantime, we’ve been finishing up the indoor portion of the aviary. The building has been stained, the indoor perches and swings installed, and the back area prepped for installation of the fencing for the outdoor section of the aviary. We re-seeded the grass around the aviary, which has grown in nicely over the summer.

We’re so grateful for all the support we’ve received for this big project – we couldn’t do it without you! We’re still short of our fundraising goal and will continue to build out the outdoor section of the aviary as we raise the funds. We would welcome your support as we prepare to bring these beauties home! Please click the below link to donate to our GoFundMe campaign. THANK YOU!!