Happy Birthday Kittens!

For the past two years, we’ve taken in summer-born kittens in need of a home… and how they’ve grown! Here’s a progress report on our little curtain-shredding, tail-chasing, floofy purr-machines.


Happy 1st Birthday Toulouse! Last summer, this handsome fellow was spotted by a local resident crying at the woodland edge of their property with no mama cat in sight. They called Faith Connolly from Pet Partners, who was able to trap him and transport him to Sheep Meadow Animal Hospital for veterinary care. We were happy to welcome this little orphan into our family, who was quick to make friends at the cat house. Toulouse can often be found knocking over the tall palm and hiding among the leaves.

Barnaby and Nigel

These two cuties were born under our deck last summer. A stray cat that we call Viz had frequently been spotted around the property and was in the habit every year of having kittens in our garden shed or under the deck. Last summer, we were finally able to trap and vet the whole family, who decided to stick around and call the sanctuary home. Nigel has a bit of a mischievous side, reminiscent of a pesky younger sibling. He delights in teasing Marta by circling around her territory at the kitchen sink. Barnaby’s favorite activity is munching on Temptations cat treats (chicken flavor for any prospective donors out there…) Happy 1st Birthday Barnaby and Nigel!

Toblerone and Halley Comet

These two arrived together in September 2016. They were part of an organized rescue at a local farm that had become overwhelmed with approximately 70 feral cats. Many were adopted out to loving homes, and we agreed to take two: a silver-colored shy fellow and a chocolate-colored mischief-maker.

Halley Comet has always been aloof with a very contemplative air. He would be a philosopher if he wasn’t so busy being a cat. Toblerone arrived looking like a chocolate covered Ewok… with a big personality to match. He’s maintained his penchant for mischief, charming everyone with his invitation to play. Happy 2nd Birthday Toblerone and Halley Comet!!