In Loving Memory

It is with deep sadness and broken hearts that we share with you the unexpected passing of our beloved kitten Cedric.

Cedric was part of the British Invasion, one of three kittens that former stray cat Viz gave birth to under our deck last summer. We began feeding them and finally managed to trap all four so that they could be vetted, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. But Viz decided she much preferred life at the sanctuary, thank you very much. They adopted us and decided to stay.

Cedric was happy and playful, chasing toys, hanging from curtains, and charming everyone. Then he started sneezing and developed a stuffy nose in April. We’ve dealt with kitty colds before and got him on antibiotics. Three days into his treatment, he was showing improvement and could breathe through his nose again. He was still eating, drinking, and using the litter box. Thus, it was a terrible shock to discover the morning of the fourth day that he had passed during the night.

The Lily Pond takes in seniors and provides hospice to terminally ill animals, so loss is an unfortunate part of our lives here at the sanctuary. However, Cedric’s passing was particularly devastating given his young age and lack of signs that something was terribly wrong. We spent a lot of time examining events and searching for answers. We spoke with our veterinarian and other experienced cat owners, and have concluded that Cedric’s death was due to a heart attack or congenital issue.

We’re glad to share that Cedric’s brothers, Barnaby and Nigel, are now a year old and thriving at the sanctuary. Barnaby is a cuddle bug and Nigel pursues feathered cat toys and flying insects with gleeful abandon. They both love to annoy their mom Viz, who swats at them when they try to steal her favorite spot on the sofa. Cedric would be proud.

Cedric, you were a joy and a delight with your playful ways, affectionate nature, and those adorable crossed eyes. We are so grateful that you were part of our family, even if only for a short time. You have your angel wings now and your spirit will always have a home here. Rest in peace, beautiful boy. Light, love, and blessings to you.