Zaffa dog The Lily Farm Animal Sanctuary


Rainbow Bridge. Forever in our hearts.

Zaffa was our self-appointed, high volume guard dog and Chief Squirrel Chaser. He had a rough past, witnessing his owner’s death in a bicycle accident and then being kept in a basement where he was trained to attack using abusive methods. The owner then dumped him at the infamous Brooklyn Animal Care and Control, where he was scheduled for euthanization in October 2015. We rushed to save him just in the nick of time. And then the real work of restoring his health and training him began.

Zaffa never did become safe with people, triggered from his prior abuse into trying to attack anyone who approached the house or dog yard. However, he absolutely blossomed at the sanctuary, welcoming and befriending the other rescue dogs who joined our family. We believe Zaffa was around 10 years old on that fateful day in August 2018 when he suddenly collapsed and went unconscious in the dog yard. We rushed him to the veterinarian, but he never regained consciousness. The vet confirmed that he had a fast-growing tumor in his belly that had burst. We were shocked and devastated, as Zaffa had not shown any signs of illness prior to his collapse. We find comfort in the knowledge that his spirit is still here with us, guarding the property as he always did.