Tristan cat The Lily Farm Animal Sanctuary


Rainbow Bridge. Forever in our hearts.

Tristan was a gorgeous, fluffy, senior cat who arrived at the sanctuary in 2016 very frightened and unsure of himself. His deafness made him shy and skittish – he hid in the cat tower for the first three months. Slowly he began to relax and interact with caregivers and the other cats. His tuxedo coloring was perfectly appropriate for the gentleman that he was. Always kind, he befriended several of the other shy cats and we watched him grow more confident and affectionate over time.

In March of 2019, Tristan showed signs of being unwell. A visit to the vet confirmed our worst fears: acute kidney failure. We started him on medication and daily fluids, but the advanced stage of his disease claimed him with shocking speed only a few weeks later. We are so proud of how he blossomed during his time with us.