Tig dog The Lily Farm Animal Sanctuary


Tig arrived with Jeb and Brodie in September 2018. A local family’s house had been struck by lightening and burned down. The family moved out during the repair but couldn’t take the dogs, so we agreed to give them a home.

Tig was a former hunting dog who was nicknamed “The Boss” for his ability to flush out and retrieve pheasants. A senior Cocker Spaniel with boundless energy, he gets so excited to go outside that he launches himself in the air, and for just a moment he rather resembles a dog-shaped kite flying high at the end of a leash-shaped string.

He also has a talent for knocking over a water bowl no matter how well-secured. He has a signature technique of running at full speed and pouncing on the bowl such that it launches into showering orbit with a kick of his back foot. He practices daily and we strongly suspect he sets goals for both the number of bowls toppled and the height of the waterfall.