Tig dog The Lily Farm Animal Sanctuary


Rainbow Bridge. Forever in our hearts.

Tig arrived with Jeb and Brodie in September 2018. A local family’s house had been struck by lightening and burned down. The family moved out during the repair but couldn’t take the dogs, so we agreed to give them a home. 

Tig was a former hunting dog who was nicknamed “The Boss” for his ability to flush out and retrieve pheasants. A senior Cocker Spaniel with boundless energy, he was always so excited to go outside that he would launch himself in the air, and for just a moment resembled a dog-shaped kite flying high at the end of a leash-shaped string.  He also had a talent for knocking over a water bowl no matter how well-secured. He has a signature technique of running at full speed and pouncing on the bowl such that it launches into showering orbit with a kick of his back foot. 

Tig reached his 17th birthday when his body began to slow down. He was diagnosed with kidney failure. Only a few short months later, he stopped eating and drinking as his body gave out.  Tig passed peacefully here at home in November 2020.  Whenever it rains, we like to think of Tig happily tipping over water bowls in heaven.