Permanent Wave, also called Waverly, a horse at Lily Pond Sanctuary

Permanent Wave

Permanent Wave – Waverly as we call her – is our beautiful off-the-track Thoroughbred. Born in Kentucky to a New York breeder, Permanent Wave is Thoroughbred royalty. Her sire is Awesome Again and her dam is India Halo from Argentina. She’s even a descendant of the famous champion British racehorse Nasrullah via her paternal line! She won over $39,000 during her career, placing first at Aqueduct in February 2012.

We first heard about her when we were contacted by a rescue working with the Columbia-Greene SPCA and local sheriffs to re-home 15 Thoroughbreds who found themselves living in horrible conditions of neglect at a farm that had 25 horses but only enough food for ten. After Permanent Wave was retired from racing, she was used as a broodmare, producing five foals in five years before landing at this farm that was not prepared to provide adequate food or care for the horses. We agreed to accept Permanent Wave and she arrived with much fanfare in March 2019.

Skinny, filled with parasites, and covered in mud and rain-rot, her quiet dignity and regal appearance were visibly apparent. We had her vetted and went to work getting her weight up. Within six months she looked like a completely different horse – and such a beauty!