Maysie the cat joined the family at The Lily Pond in 2020


Rainbow Bridge. Forever in our hearts.

Maysie arrived at The Lily Pond in June 2020 when her former owners could no longer support the high cost of insulin for her diabetes. Maysie was 15 years old and a rather shy cat. She only appreciated a few gentle pets before she alerts us that she has had enough. We always respect her wishes and hoping that with time she will become more affectionate. Maysie enjoyed the company of other cats and loved her bowl of wet food every morning and evening.

In July of 2020, her diabetic condition worsened and she began to go into heart failure.  Her chest and abdomen began to fill with fluid, so we made several emergency trips to the veterinarian to have the fluid removed.  But then her glucose levels dropped critically low and Maysie had to be kept on oxygen.  When she could no longer maintain without the help of continuous oxygen and fluid removal, we made the decision to gently help her cross the Rainbow Bridge.  During our last hour with her, she accepted hugs and cuddles, purring contentedly and making her transition peacefully.