Adeline cat The Lily Farm Animal Sanctuary


Rainbow Bridge. Forever in our hearts.

Adeline arrived at the sanctuary in November 2016 as a special needs kitty. She was a local who tried to cross a busy road at the exact same time that a car was speeding by. The accident shattered her pelvis and severed her tail. Fortunately, the next car stopped to pick her up off the road and rush her to a veterinarian, who performed surgery to put her broken body back together. The operation was successful but left Addie incontinent. No one claimed her and no one was interested in adopting an incontinent cat. That’s when we welcomed her into our family. Over the years, we’ve had to monitor her health closely due to complications from her accident.

Finally the day came when antibiotics could no longer correct the complications, as neurological deterioration was setting in. We worked diligently with the veterinarian, but her broken little body was shutting down. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September 2019. We remember her as our Miracle Kitty because of her amazing recovery and her love for life were such an inspiration.